Bariatric Services

Our Practice Specializes in Bariatric Evaluations and Weight Loss Management

Obesity and excess weight are deemed serious and chronic conditions that may contribute to medical problems and psychological distress. Weight related issues may also put a strain on interpersonal relationships at home, work, and other social settings. Quality of life (energy levels, mobility, ability to perform daily activities) may be compromised and psychological distress (low self-esteem, mood disturbances or poor body image) may be present.

Psychological Evaluations For Bariatric Surgery

Patients who are dangerously obese may experience significant health complications and elect weight reduction surgery. Bariatric operations, which include gastric bypass, gastroplasty and gastric banding, may result in dramatic and long-term weight loss, potentially leading to major improvements in overall health and well-being.

Metropolitan Psychological Associates specializes in conducting pre-operative psychological evaluations for individuals pursuing bariatric surgery.* During the evaluation, a comprehensive review of various weight-related issues is discussed. The individual is provided opportunities to prepare for the procedure and lifestyle adjustments, with the goal of maximizing post-operative benefits. Given that bariatric surgery is a serious medical procedure requiring changes to everyday habits, psychotherapy services are also available to patients prior to the surgical treatment as well as post-surgery.

Non-Surgical Weight Loss Management

We are sensitive to the patient’s personal experiences with weight challenges and understand that the desire for weight loss stems from a number of reasons. These may include distress about appearance, health concerns, and feeling that eating habits are beyond one’s control. We recognize that successful weight reduction requires time, effort, motivation and lifestyle adjustments.

Our practice specializes in cognitive-behavioral treatment for weight control. This approach, based on the premise of CBT, is individually tailored with nutritional and physical activity modification to meet personal needs.

*We are independently affiliated and not part of an interdisciplinary bariatric team
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